Donkey Burger
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I'm a donkey burger, I was made from donkey. I epitomize the urban wonderland of Sheffield, the dark burger vans, the slop, the greedy drunk people of the night.
I have a habit of taking people with my meaty power.

You eat me. I eat everything.
12am, 1am, 2am, 2am vodka parties, 3am, 48 onslow road, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, acid vomit, after hours, alcohol, alleyways, anonymous meat, becoming dreadful, becoming wretched, bed, being taken, bin vodka, bins, bread, brown slop, bulimia, burger boxes, burger vans, cheap mayonnaise, cheap meat, chips, cock, coleslaw, corporation, crisps, crying, curbs, daisy, darkness, decay, depeche mode, despair, dirt, dirty, disgust, dodgy vans, donkey meat, donkeys, doom, doom burgers, doom owl, doom penguin, doom vs donkey, drew, drinking, drunk people, eagle soup, falling over, fat, fighting with drew, fights, gravel, groping, ham, insanity, intimate feminine areas, intimate moments, jacksons, jane, jay, kebabs, licking off people, little legs of drew, louise, making you violently ill, mania, manor top, mayonnaise, meaty treats, mo adams, mo hiding vodka, mr hex, nudity, oddness, over-cooked donkey, owl sausage, owling around, owly days, passing out, pig, pig meat, piss, plym, plym's arms, plym's vomit, post-vodka vomit, prostitution, pseudo-lettuce, rain, rape, raw donkey, rolling about naked, salty chips, sannah, sauce, scallies, screaming, scrubbers, sex in ecclesfield, sex on walls, sex with pretty boys, shaking, sheffield, sheffield lane top, sheila, shouting abuse, sick, simon is a cunt, sinks, slags, sleep, slime, slipping it in, slop, sluts, smearing avacado on mo, smells, somerfields, southey green, spam, spar, stalking people, streams of urine, stubbing out cigarettes, taking over, tarmac, thedarkfairy, tinned meat, toilets, townies, trying to seduce men, unbeatable sauce, unconsciousness, underwear, urban decay, vans, veal, viscous taxi drivers, vodka, vomit, wanking, wretchedness